Do I have to be in my 4th Trimester to participate? 

No! We use the term “4th Trimester” very loosely. As long as you are a mother, you are welcome to participate. We’ve photographed mothers of loss, foster/adoptive/step mothers, as well as grand/great-grandmothers.

I know you've been facing censorship issues, where can I find you on social media? 

Phew. Censorship. Hey, if you haven't already will you sign our petition to stop censorship here?

You can find us on Facebook hereInstagram here, and Twitter here. We also have a Tumblr here.

What do I wear during my photo shoot?

We ask that you bring a solid black bra and black underwear. You can pick whatever style suits you best. Lace and detail are okay. Undies are required, bras are totally optional. You should also bring a fitted black shirt or blouse.

Do I have to be photographed with my children? What do they wear/how old? 

You are welcome to be photographed with your children of any age if you would like, but this is in no way required! We request that children 3 years and under pose in their birthday suits. If you would like for older children to be involved we have no problem with them wearing bike shorts, undies, leotard etc. as long as it is solid black and form fitting.

How should I arrive (hair/makeup)? What should I bring?

Light, professional hair and makeup will be provided for you. Please arrive with clean/product free skin and bare, moisturized skin. All you need to bring with you is a solid black bra/underwear and a fitted black top.

Do I get to help choose which photo is used for the project? 

Yes! Immediately following your shoot we will sit together and review your images. Together we will decide on which photograph will be your official and/or bonus shots for the project.

Do I get to keep my photos? Do I get a copy of them? 

Yes! You will receive a high res digital version of your final headshot and official image the day of your shoot.

How long is a typical session? 

We ask that you allow an average of 90 minutes for your shoot.

Where are you located in Chicago? 

We are very conveniently located on the North side of Chicago in the Lakeview neighborhood. We will send you our exact location upon confirmation of your shoot.

How do I sign up for a Chicago shoot at your studio? 

We open Chicago shoots in our webstore two months at a time. As those dates sell out, we add more! We shoot in Chicago every Wednesday and Friday at 10am, noon and 2pm provided we are in town. Wednesday Standard packages are available for a minimum donation of $175 and our Friday VIP packages are available for a minimum donation of $275. You can register here. 

How do I sign up for a travel date shoot? 

We generally release travel spots via our website, newsletter and social media outlets 60 days prior for US dates and 90 days prior to the event for International  shoot dates. We offer three tiered levels of booking and you can sign up via our Web Store.

What other cities will you be visiting? and when? 

You can view our 2014/2015/2016 tour schedule here. We have just committed to extending our tour through January 2017! Additional dates and cities are coming soon!

I wanted to book a travel shoot but they're all sold out! How do I participate.

We're so sorry you missed out! We are sometimes able to add additional shoot days but most often, when a city is sold out, it's sold out. Any last minute cancelations and rebooking requests will be reopened and posted on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

Do have a cancellation list? 

We don't! We want access to our shoot spots to remain a fair, first come first serve process that is as efficient as possible, so we don't keep a cancellation list.  Any last minute cancelations and rebooking requests will be reopened and posted on our Facebook page and Instagram account where you can snag them as available.

I missed your tour stop in my city! When will you be back?

We are touring through the end of 2016 but don't anticipate returning to any cities we've already taken photographs in. We do hope to come back to the cities we've previously worked in with our book tour and gallery show.

How do I donate/order a t-shirt/totebag etc?

You can donate via our Web Store currently.

How do I pre-order the book?

You can pre-order via our Web Store currently.

When will the book be ready? 

We anticipate that the first volume of The 4th Trimester Bodies Project will be released late 2014/early 2015 with volume II and III coming shortly thereafter.

Will my photo be in the first book?

We will be publishing multiple volumes of our book. Layout on Vol 1 will begin late summer 2014. Any images not used in this volume or shot after the cut off will be added to our online gallery and reserved for future publications/volumes of the book. Images and stories will be chosen cumulatively based on created a well rounded and diverse collections of images, stories and experiences.

What if I don’t want my full/real name used?

It is a requirement of the project that you consent to the full use of your legal name.

Am I too...big, old, small, typical, not typical, young…? 

No! This project is about women and we want to include EVERY representation of women we possibly can no matter your age, size, presentation, etc.

Do I have to be over 18 to participate as a mother? 

You have to be over 18 to give legal consent so we generally need our mothers to be 18 and over. That said, teen motherhood is an issue that we would love to include in the project and we absolutely welcome you. We would, however, need a parent/guardian to give legal consent as well.

Can I shoot with my mother/friend/sister? 

Yes! We LOVE multi-generational shoots, with grandmothers, mothers and daughters, however you will need to purchase multiple sessions to allow enough time and cover additional hair and make up fees. You should book 2-3 back to back sessions depending on the number of adult participants. If you have any questions please contact us.  Please note that these apply to multi-generational shoots only. We rarely shoot with friends or sisters unless there are extenuating circumstances or stories involved. When in doubt, reach out to us and we'll let you know!

I booked a shoot! Now what?

Are you excited? We're excited! Now you get to relax! You got a spot! There isn't anything else you need to do right now. We will contact you 15-30 days prior to your shoot with location and final details. We don't often have our location locked down any sooner than this so you'll know as soon as we know.

 Who should I email if I am media/press and want to do a story on your project? 

You can read our media guidelines HERE.

Who should I contact if I want to sponsor your project? 

You can check out our sponsorship details HERE.

Is there a cost to participate in the project?

We are currently fully crowd funded. There is no way for us to continue this project with out your help!

There is a required minimum donation of $175 for standard Chicago shoots, $275 for Chicago VIP Packages.

Travel shoots have tiered packages currently priced at $175+ donation for standard packages or $275+ donation for VIP Packages. Scholarships are available for all cities we shoot in, including Chicago. Donations can be made via our  Web Store and are greatly appreciated.

I booked a shoot and just realized I can't make it! Can I have a refund? What do I do?

Because all of our shoot spots are donation based we are unable to offer direct refunds. We CAN reopen your spot and if it rebooks, we can pass those funds back to you less a $50 fee. Rebookings are only allowed up to 7 days prior to the shoot date.

I had an appointment today and forgot to show up? Can I rebook? Can I have a refund?

No shows really bum us out. There are so many women who would have loved to fill your spot and our time is scarce and valuable to us. Because of this we're absolutely unable to offer you a refund but you are welcome to rebook a spot if you're willing to make another donation.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

If you are absolutely, financially unable to make a donation to participate please email us with the subject heading "{insert name of city} Scholarship" and let us know why you'd like to participate and why a scholarship is important to you. We  provide 2 scholarships per month in Chicago and one per shoot day in each travel city. Any emails pertaining to a travel city that are received before bookings open for that city will be disregarded. Bookings open 60 days prior to each travel date.

Do you screen/participants or turn people away?

We do not prescreen our participants at all! If you snag a shoot spots we put you on the schedule no questions asked.

Can I send you my own picture to put in your book? 

While we'd love to include you, you need to be photographed by us to be part of the project.