We’re making a pregnancy and postpartum app!


Raise your hand if you used a pregnancy app! ðŸ™‹ðŸ»â€â™‚️ Now, keep 'em up if you quickly realized that the app wasn't quite made for you - your body type, your race/cultural identity, your relationship, your gender, your history. ⁣

Yeah, us too.

I'm currently developing a 4th Trimester Bodies Pregnancy and Postpartum app that will be the first of its kind - gender and size inclusive, trauma/loss informed, accessible for non-gestational parents, and 100% evidence based. ⁣

We plan to launch fully early 2020 and we’ll keep you updated every step of the way. Right now, we need your help learning more about what folx love and loathe about what's currently out there.

If you have a couple minutes to spare, please complete this short anonymous survey to share your thoughts. â™¥â£