These are the questions we get asked all the time. Perhaps these are things you were wondering too. Still have a question that’s not on this list? Feel free to message us here.

Do I have to be in my 4th Trimester to participate? 

No! We use the term “4th Trimester” very loosely. As long as you are a parent, you are welcome to participate. We’ve photographed mothers of loss, foster/adoptive/step mothers, as well as grand/great-grandmothers. We are now opening the door beyond motherhood to shoot with parents of all identities and have included space for body positive images and stories of those who are not parents too! 

What is the difference between a 4TBP Gathering and a Private/Individual Photo Shoot?

Gatherings are group events we host around the world. They typically allow a group of 6-12 participant families to come together for 2 hours in a safe space where we share our stories and talk through our struggles related to pregnancy, postpartum, body positivity, and self love. ash luna shares a bit about her personal journey, the 4TBP movement/community. We then move around organically sharing stories and then take photographs of individual participants (on their own, with their partners, children, etc) and group photos for those interested. It is a wonderful morning or afternoon full of community and empowerment. 

Individual sessions are no less empowering and allow you the opportunity to participate in this movement and work with ash one on one. You are welcomed into our space one on one and are then photographed. With private sessions you can choose for your photo and story to be shared as part of the project or your 

What do I wear during my photo shoot?

You can be photographed totally nude or topless. If you choose to wear undies, we ask that you bring a black bra (if applicable) and black underwear. You can pick whatever style suits you best. Details and textures are okay. If you have religious and/or culture requirements that require coverage fitted black clothing is also an option! 

Do I have to be photographed with my children? What do they wear/how old? 

You are welcome to be photographed with your children of any age if you would like, but this is in no way required! We request that children 3 years and under pose nude. Older children can pose nude or wear black fitted clothing - bike shorts, undies, leotard etc. If you are being photographed with multiple small children it may make posing easier to have them diapered or partially clothed.

How should I arrive (hair/makeup)? What should I bring?

We do not provide professional hair and make up for our sessions any longer, unless otherwise noted. As such, please arrive camera ready. We want you to look like you, so that’s most important - to keep images timeless we typically request that long hair is worn down, styled, with soft curls if applicable. Short, curly, natural hair, braids, locs, etc should be styled as you normally would. If you choose to wear makeup for your session please ensure that is natural. Light foundation/concealer, mascara, soft blush, and gloss are okay. Please refrain from wearing eyeliner or any dramatic/bold colors.

Do I get to help choose which photo is used for the project? 

Yes! If you've booked a private session, immediately following your shoot we will sit together and review your images. Together we will decide on which photograph will be your official shot for the project. If you've booked a group/gathering session, your final images will be selected for you and you can specify if you've a preference for which we use!

Do I get to keep my photos? Do I get a copy of them? 

Yes! You will receive a high res digital version of your final image. You can also order prints, and additional images if you'd like. 

How long is a typical session? 

We ask that you allow an average 15-30 minutes for private sessions on the road and up to 90 minutes at our home studio. Gatherings/group sessions last approximately 2 hours depending on the event.

Where are you located in Chicago? 

Our studio just moved from our North Side location to Evanston, just 5 miles north. Our new studio is located within a victorian home and is not accessible but we have access to a fully accessible studio whenever necessary. Please let us know prior to your session so we can accommodate. We will send you our exact location upon confirmation of your shoot.

How do I sign up for a Chicago shoot at your studio? 

We open Chicago shoots as available in our webstore. You can register here. 

How do I sign up for a travel/tour photoshoot? 

We generally release travel spots via our website, newsletter and social media outlets 60 days prior for US dates and 90 days prior to the event for International  shoot dates. You can sign up via our Web Store.

What other cities will you be visiting? and when? 

You can view our previous cities from 2013-2018 here and upcoming sessions, gatherings, and events via our event schedule here. 

I wanted to book a travel shoot but they're all sold out! How do I participate.

We're so sorry you missed out! We are sometimes able to add additional shoot days but most often, when a city is sold out, it's sold out. Any last minute cancelations and rebooking requests will be reopened and posted on our Facebook page and Instagram account.

Do have a cancellation list? 

We don't! We want access to our shoot spots to remain a fair, first come first serve process that is as efficient as possible, so we don't keep a cancellation list.  Any last minute cancelations and rebooking requests will be reopened and posted on our Facebook page and Instagram account where you can snag them as available.

I missed your tour stop in my city! You're not coming to my city! When will you be back? How do I get you here?

If you don't see your city on our upcoming event list, feel free to email us and we can provide you info with how to host a gathering/photoshoot in your community!

How do I donate?

You can donate via Paypal here or Patreon here.

How do I get your book?

We’ve just decided to reissue our first book! You preorder it here. Our first edition is occasionally available on Amazon has a few final resold copies but the prices are steep and we don’t see any support from their sales. We ARE also actively working on a brand new book.

What if I don’t want my full/real name used?

It is typically a requirement of the project that you consent to the full use of your legal name, but we're also willing to use approved pseudonyms when needed. Just ask! 

Am I too...big, old, small, typical, not typical, young…? 

No! This project is about women and we want to include EVERY representation we possibly can no matter your age, size, presentation, etc.

Do I have to be over 18 to participate as a parent? 

You have to be over 18 to give legal consent so we generally need our participants to be 18 and over. That said, teen parenthood/body image is an issue that we would love to include in the project and we absolutely welcome you. We would, however, need a parent/guardian to give legal consent as well.

Can I shoot with my mother/friend/sister/community? 

Yes! We LOVE multi-generational shoots, friends, communities, etc However, more people often require more planning so be sure to let us know and we'll work out details with you! 

I booked a shoot! Now what?

Are you excited? We're excited! Now you get to relax! You got a spot! There isn't anything else you need to do right now. We will contact you 7-14 days prior to your shoot with location and final details. 

 Who should I email if I am media/press and want to do a story on your project? 

Please contact ash or Flowers at

Who should I contact if I want to sponsor your project? 

Please contact ash or Flowers at

Why is there a cost to participate in the project?

Photography is my full time job and while I heavily discount my rates for this work there is no way for us to continue this project with out your help! Session and gathering prices may vary per city so please take a look at registration info. We also have scholarships, sliding scale rates, and payment plans available for all events.

I booked a shoot and just realized I can't make it! Can I have a refund? What do I do?

Because all of our shoot spots are donation based we are unable to offer direct refunds. We CAN reopen your spot and if it rebooks, we can pass those funds back to you less a $50 fee. Rebookings are only allowed up to 7 days prior to the shoot date.

I had an appointment today and forgot to show up? Can I rebook? Can I have a refund?

No shows really bum us out. There are so many people who would have loved to fill your spot and our time is scarce and valuable to us. Because of this we're absolutely unable to offer you a refund but you are welcome to rebook a spot if you're willing to make another donation.

How do I apply for a scholarship?

Just send us an email and we’ll help you apply.

Do you screen/select participants or turn people away?

We do not prescreen our participants at all! If you snag a shoot spots we put you on the schedule no questions asked.

Can I send you my own picture to put in your book/website? 

While we'd love to include you, you need to be photographed by ash to be part of the project.