“Kindness eases change. Love quiets fear.” - Octavia Butler

Flowers Eliseo Luna - Director of Programming and Community Relations.

The Personal

Flowers was born and raised in Chicago, IL.  He’s a graduate from DePaul University from the Women’s and Gender Studies Department.  For about 10 years he managed a 24-hour crisis hotline for youth in crisis. After that, for 5 years, he managed social/emotional after-school programs for elementary aged youth in Evanston, IL.  He enjoys nature and national parks. He’s an avid cyclist and bicycle mechanic. He’s pretty good at knowing and identifying songs that are sampled in other songs. If he could have dinner with anyone dead or alive it’d be Nina Simone because let’s be real, she wrote and performed Mississippi Godamn in the 60s.  And then it’d have to be Prince and Detective Olivia Benson. They’d compromise and have vegan bagels and lox together in Central Park on an orange paisley blanket with sunflowers all around them.

Flowers Luna is a fairly simple person with simple but large feelings.  He is more forgiving than demanding. Prefers to listen before speaking and making claims.

He’s excited to be growing with his family, partner, and 4TBP.  He brings kindness and calmness to tour stops and community events near you.  Flowers is 4TBP’s Director of Programming and Community Relations.

The Political

Identifies as a queer feminist.  Believes that life is best lived if we understand the injustices against others and support one another by raising each other up.  Also, fu*k the patriarchy.

The Personal is Political

Forget everything about him and see him as human.  He came here for the pretty pictures and he’s staying for the movement.