Laura Weetzie Wilson

As of early 2017, Laura is has returned to school and is no longer working on 4th Trimester Bodies Project, however, she continues to create beauty and belly laughs wherever she goes. You can contact her for hair and makeup gigs at and catch her preforming with her phenomenal plus-size burlesque troop, The Femme FATales.

Obsessed with women’s fashion and portrayals of femininity in the media, Laura has had a career in costume design, makeup, and hairstyling in Chicago for some years now.  Originally from West Virginia, Laura went to West Virginia University and got her degree in Theater: Costume Design with a minor in Business. She has worked with the Goodman Theatre Company, Steppenwolf, and Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, to name a few.

However, in the last few years she has focused her work primarily on the pinup company, Windy City Pinup,  she shares with Ashlee. Pinup allows her the opportunity to use her skills of historical costuming, hair, and makeup to celebrate women’s bodies through empowering photographs. It is her dream job and didn’t think things could get better until Ashlee began the 4th Trimester Bodies Project.

In working on this project, Laura feels she has finally found a way to use her talents in the beauty industry and business for something fundamentally good. For too long, the question of whether she was furthering the damage the media and the beauty industry does to women’s bodies and their psyche lingered in her mind. Although not a mother of human children, Laura has found a voice for feminism, equality, and body positivity in working on the 4th Trimester Bodies Project. She wants every woman to feel relaxed and beautiful in her makeup chair, and she hopes every woman finds the ability to love and accept herself without regard to her physical appearance.