For media and blog requests please contact:

Ashlee Dean Wells or Laura Weetzie Wilson


Thank you for your interest in sharing our story!

4th Trimester Bodies Project welcomes your interest in sharing and promoting our movement!

All photos and stories are the property of Ashlee Dean Wells and 4th Trimester Bodies Project. You are welcome to share these photos with a link back to the site, however, republishing them as your own work or without proper credit is strictly forbidden.

Out of respect for the essence of the project and the women who have participated, we kindly request that you keep the following guidelines in mind when using our photography and covering our story.

  • All photos must be used in their original version as displayed on our site. Cropping, removal of watermarks, filters and other adjustments are not permitted. Similarly, additions to the photos of any kind, including superimposed captions and commentary, are not permitted.
  •  When discussing Ashlee’s personal background, please be sensitive to the emotional nature of the story by including these specific facts:
  1. Please include the fact that the twins suffered from Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome and that Aurora passed away.
  2. Please refer to both girls by name: Nova and Aurora.
  • All images should be prominently and appropriately credited to both the photographer and the project. The preferred format is:

Credit: Ashlee Dean Wells, 4th Trimester Bodies Project,

  • For interview requests, please make sure to:
    • Refrain from contacting women who have participated in the project directly. It is preferred that you work through 4th Trimester Bodies directly.
    • Be aware this is not a project about nudity and the photographer and participants will not reveal their post-baby bodies on air or in any fashion other than the photographs that have already been posted.

Ashlee Dean Wells and 4th Trimester Bodies Project reserve the right to decline any interview opportunity that does not fully support the message of empowerment they are trying to spread.