Episode 004 - Abortion / Reproductive Rights

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On this episode ash and Flowers chat about Abortion and Reproductive Rights.

Thanks to Tessa, Bianca, and Johanna for submitting their stories for this episode.

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Research noted in this episode and important links.

Find an abortion provider

Education and Advocacy

Georgia Heartbeat Bill text (I didn’t mention in the episode that this bill also give a fetus personhood, yikes! Still trying to figure out how they’ll be able to cast a vote)

Alabama Abortion Ban text

Current state Abortion Bans by Gestational Age

Hyde Amendment

Title X and Planned Parenthood

Please donate and Support:

Abortion Funds, ACLU, Yellow Hammer Fund, Planned Parenthood.

How to become an abortion clinic escort.

As I published this episode I happened upon a post by @shishi.rose in which she addressed how “race and reproductive rights have always been used a tool of white supremacy to harm Black people.” We feel that we missed an opportunity to dive into this further and hope to share more on a future episode. Additional reading on the topic for now, can be found via the following articles.

Why Abortion Rights For Black Women Are a Blow to White Supremacy

The Color of Choice: White Supremacy and Reproductive Justice

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