Join us for one day community events that aim to educate, inspire and connect those interested in learning more about body positivity, self love, postpartum wellness, breast health, breastfeeding and so much more.

APRIL 16, 2016 | PORTLAND, OR | 9am - 5pm



Speaking on her personal journey to body acceptance and how the media hurts and helps

RN and self-love warrior
Joni, is a  body-positive feminist, wife, mom of 5, and editor in chief at
Likes: cake, carrots, crafty crap, cake. 
Dislikes: mean people, mosquitos, pants. 
Can usually be found wielding knitting needles, in the garden, at the Macbook, or buried under Mt. Saint Laundry.
*Fun fact: had a baby in the kitchen 


Speaking on breasts. 

Writer, speaker, creator of Jessica has a diverse background in the arts and maternal-fetal health. She worked in the nonprofit sector using the arts to speak up for the oppressed and today brings those skills and passion together to support and encourage others in her audience. Mother to 6 fiercely independent daughters, Jessica lives with her family in Portland, Oregon.



From stretchmark to scar, Peachie Moms founders Amanda Edwards and
Jen McLellan will take you on a journey towards body love. After you
stop trying to change your body to fit some media-created image of
what you should be, you start to actually love your mombod. They can't
wait to help you get there!

As mental health and birth professionals, they specialize in the
goings-on inside mothers’ bodies, minds and souls. What you think and
what you feel is what they do for a living and as their personal



"Hey Grown Ups! How you talk about your bodies, matters to me!"

Lavinia will be talking about the pressures preteens and teens face via media and social media (including her own struggles with dieting) as well as why girls AND boys need positive role models from adults. 



Honor Your Cycle: the Period Positivity Movement 

Tracy Puhl is passionate about making comfortable, eco-friendly menstrual products the norm. She proudly serves on the board of UnTabooed, a nonprofit that provides health education and reusable menstrual products to those in need. Her favorite part of her work is helping to unpack the thoughts and  feelings we have about periods and understanding how we can positively transform the experience of menstruation. Tracy would love to hear your most embarrassing period story and promises to tell you hers in exchange.



Susan Landa is the founder and owner of Moondays, dedicated to organizing and hosting Red Tents in the Portland area. Susan felt inspired to create Red Tent events after reading Anita Diamant’s book, The Red Tent, and has a vision to create permanent Red Tents around the world. Susan's passion lies in shifting the negative paradigm around menstruation into a positive, powerful celebration of our natural cycles. 



Speaking on the need for realistic portrayals of women's bodies and shattering the stigma of loss, mental health and more.  

A self-described Picture Taker. Baby Maker. Veggie. Giggler. Geek. Ashlee is a Chicago based photographer, feminist and storyteller. Mama of three, including two living super kids with special needs, she is also an advocate for visibility and differing abilities. Ashlee is the founder of the 4th Trimester Bodies Project, owner of Windy City Pin-Up and always excited to share her message of positivity and self-love.


Speaking on fostering self-love while avoiding the pitfalls of the beauty industry

Obsessed with women’s fashion and portrayals of femininity in the media, Laura has made a career in costume design, makeup, and hairstyling in Chicago for some years now.

In working on 4th Trimester Bodies Project, Laura feels she has finally found a way to use her talents in the beauty industry and business for something fundamentally good.

She has found a voice for feminism, equality, and body positivity.

The Birth Hour podcast was designed as a safe place for women to share their childbirth stories of all shapes and sizes. The goal of the podcast and The Birth Hour community is to support women in their journey to and through motherhood, to educate them on the different aspects of birth, and encourage all women to #KnowYourOptions.

At the Portland Body.Breast.Baby. conference, Bryn Huntpalmer, the founder of The Birth Hour, will set up a sound booth where women can record the most memorable moment of their births as well as words of wisdom to other women. There will also be three women who win the chance to record their entire birth story and be featured on the podcast!

Event Location:


721 NW 9th Ave Suite 200

Portland, OR 97209

Parking, biking, and transit details can be found here.